Friday, March 25, 2011

Something got me thinking on this topic and I was surprised how much it brought up for me. We are all familiar with the risk of our sport and, yet, we go out there...often alone. I've come to realize that trust plays a huge roll in making these decisions. At least it does for me.
First, I trust myself to use good judgment and to not push the envelope too much, especially when alone. This involves trusting the lessons of my teachers. When with a group, I am constantly aware of who the others are, what their skill levels are and how much I trust their ability to act should the need arise.

Then there is the equipment. I still paddle Brian Day's old Romany, patches and all. I trust the repairs and Brian's skills. To not would take too much attention away from what I am doing out there. This, in turn, would generate fear. On the same note, I trust my paddles. Still, I carry a spare (trust and verify). I trust all these things and that allows me to take the calculated risks when I push away from the land.

What don't I trust? Just about any weather forecast.

Paddle safe...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Excellent post. Very true on all counts. Trust is a must!

Silbs said...

Word. Thanks, Stan.

DaveO said...

Excellent. Gives me lots of ideas about a followup post. My old man used to say he'd go fishing with anybody but chose his hunting companions very carefully. I feel the same about big water paddling.

Silbs said...

Smart Dad.