Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lessons of the Blind Chicken
I was once told that even a blind chicken will get a kernel if it just keeps pecking.

 I apply this to trying to capture images on the water. I am in a moving boat without a tripod using a camera with little to no telephoto ability. Everything is moving and appears small. So, I just keep clicking and sort things out later.
 On Monday the wind was gusting to 40 MPH and there were righteous waves coming through the gap. A small group of us went out there to play and I, as the blind chicken, clicked away. With some cropping and contrast adjustments, I was able to salvage a few usable images. They still don't show the dynamics of the situation, but you all know what it can be like out there.
I will try to get a few more usable ones up this week (both schools now in session).
Paddle safe...


Tony said...

As we know the camera seems to flatten out the water and we know what 40 mph can generate. I think you've captured the gist of the conditions.

The third photo - Nordkapp?

Tony :-)

Silbs said...

Thanks. Yes, Gary is in a Nordkapp,