Monday, January 07, 2013

Going into the (kayak) hospital...

I took the old, often patched, Romany to the pool Sunday and was enjoying the easy to roll boat when something wasn't right. I set up to roll and did not feel the paddle was parallel to the hull. Well, it wasn't. The seat had broken from its port anchor under the rim of the cockpit tearing away a thin layer of glass. The seat was turned on its axis.
Then there was the day hatch. It has been cracked for some time and I actually have a new one yet to be installed. The old one was doing fine with a duct tape repair. It seems that the cold garage followed by the warm pool water was enough to end that Rube Goldberg arrangement.

Now, I have something to do if I can find heated space. I have had kind offers and advise regarding repair and am leaning toward replacing the seat with a foam one. I need to really look hard at the repair needed to be sure it is within my skills.

I still prefer the higher speed Cetus MV for group paddles; but, for teaching, you cannot beat the maneuverability of the Romany along with an easier boat to perform a paddle float self rescue. It all balances out.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

I have made comments on the seats provided in British sea kayaks and have been pooh poohed. Ladies and gentlemen how much 'anecdotal' evidence do we need? I am personally 1 for 4 with only a P&H Capella seat holding up. I'm a big guy, 230#, with a large ass who does odd forward finishing rolls but come on England, you can do better than 1-4!!

gnarlydog said...

and here is the second person commenting on those British seats: replaced every single one in my kayaks and a few in friends'; not all cracked but oddly shaped for us.
The seat sees a lot of side-to-side swinging movement that eventually leads to cracked cheeks/plates. One could goop the seat to the hull to prevent that but.
Fabricated my own replacements ones out of glass, carbon and Kevlar. Foam is a good alternative if there is no electric bilge pump behind the seat.

Door County Kayak Tours said...

What kind of butts do those Europeans have?