Friday, September 13, 2013

Calm, calm, calmer...

I am a pretty calm guy, especially under fire. I first realized it back when I competed in Judo and relaxing was an essential part of the game. Then, as a cardiologist, I learned to think and remain calm when all about me was going to hell. Many of my quietest conversations occurred as I conducted code 4 procedures during cases of cardiac arrest.

so, I felt calm today as I launched just downwind of the small craft advisory flag flying at the yacht club. As I entered the outer harbor confused waves, 1-2 feet in height came at me from the north and east. Up ahead, I could see spray and even green water coming in over the outer wall...and I felt even calmer. Approaching the south gap it became obvious that the lake was in high spirits. It begins to shallow up a bit there, so things can really pile up as one makes the turn to the south. The calmness increased, and out the gap I went.

As the 4-6 foot rollers came at my beam, I rose and flowed with the energy of the lake happy to be on the water, elated to be alive. I never braced. I did, occasionally. tap a wave just to say hello and connect to the water, but it wasn't necessary. I tried to surf but things were too close together. The nearly 18-footer just wouldn't stay on them. As I made the crossing to another opening in the breakwater, the calmness peaked as I drank in the sun glinting on the sea, the rise and fall of the water and the game of peak a boo I was playing with everything on shore. What could have been better?

And to think some folks find this scary.

Paddle safe...

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Steve Gordon said...

I Like it too, thats when seakayaking is at its best. We had something similar on thursday, going out against a 25k wind with wind waves against us, took us an hour to get out and 15min to get back. Sure makes you feel alive