Thursday, May 18, 2006

Water...A moving experience

There is something magic about water that moves people to swim in it, dive under it or just sit and watch it.

Thing is, it's always moving. Even a small pond shows shimmers on its surface when the slightest breeze blows.

But it is the the rapids and the falls that seem to capture the senses most. They seem to be the big show. Even a small cascade of a foot or two will provide hypnotic entertainment for one who will but tarry a moment to sit and stare. I wonder why that is.

Perhaps it is just that our brains are hard-wired in a way that calls us to this basic element of nature. Perhaps it is because this is the form of water that satisfies, along with the sense of sight, the sense of smell and hearing. One can smell something in the spray, and the sound is undeniable.

On, the other hand (as the Zen teaches us), it is what it is.


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JohnB said...

Or as I say, "it bes dat way, yes it do".

Beautiful photos!!!