Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome to silbssays. Actually, I'd like this site to be we-all-says, because it is meant to be a forum to exchange ideas about everything from philosophy to kayaking. The only rules are 1, Disagree if you must, but don't use shaming language 2, avoid politics. We're all idealogs and we will never change one another's minds. So why rant? 3. No profanity (dah). 4. Stretch yourself. Some things are obvious to us all. What's inside you that you'd like to put out here?

From time to time, I will post photos, simply because I find them pleasing. Comments are welcome (remember the no shaming rule. I am sensitive).

I look forward to hearing from you and/or seeing you on the water.

And, oh yes, this is nothing close to resembling a slick professional site. In fact, I am so cheap that I steal, beg and borrow info from Derrick Mayoleth whose blog I never fail to read.

So, we've begun

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