Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bigger Just Might Be Better
Paddled with JB on Sunday and got to try out some paddles. I use a Werner Tybee, a high angle paddle. JB had two versions of Werner's big blades and let me have a go with them. I have to tell you, it made a hell of a difference.

First and most obvious was the increased speed I expereienced, and with no apparent increase in effort. Then there were the control strokes. Forward or bow sweeps were highly effective and made boat control amazingly easy. It was enough to convince me that bigger blades work better for me. Now let's see how my shoulders feel in the morning.

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Silbs, me too, I used to think bigger is better.
So after trying a big bladed Werner (Ikelos) I purchased one.
Well, it turned out that while I perceived an increase in speed (I'm talking on trips of 10 miles plus) I really was not any faster.
One thing: my shoulders were feeling it on long trips.
In the surf where I like to grab a lot of water fast the big blade was easier to use than on cruising outings.
These days I only use a GP or an Aleut paddle.
While I don't have the same commanding purchase on the water as the Ikelos I maintain the same speed on trips as with the big blade.
Maybe my cadence has increased just a bit over the big blade but I feel great at the end of the day, or the day after :-)
Try the big blade in wind and see what you think.

Silbs said...

Interesting as Danny Mongo of Werner told JB the blade may be too big for long goes at it. Makes sense. Most of my outings are 1-2 hours, so it may not be as much of a factor.

When I want to go easy I, too, use the GB, and I've written how nicely it works with the Cetus.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I haven't used my Ikelos sense I got my GP from Superior Kayaks and I too find the same relief with the GP at the end of the day as compared with the Ikelos. I still like my Ikelos though it is a great paddle. Just finished my first wood GP tonight. Nice colors in picture....nice picture.


Silbs said...

Thanks, Stan. I, too, have a Superior GB. I guess when I am in the big stuff I feel better bracing with a euro blade. I do aree with you and Gnarlydog that the stick is the easiest on the body. It doesn't grab the water all at once but, rather, gradually buids force.