Monday, May 24, 2010

Fleas & Lice
It's an old medical expresion that essentialy means that the patient has two diseases. I use it here to describe Paddle Fest, held this weekend on the Milwaukee River. Several sea kayakers volunteered to be safety boaters. The first day was a  bit foggy, and the number of modes of transportation were like...well, fleas and lice.
There were, of course, those who came to try the paddling boards. Lots of them also tried their swimming skills.
Then there were the usual varieties of recreational and sea kayaks.
A war canoe showed up, and several attendees got to crew as the relentless drummer urged them on.
Finally (for today), this little elegant electric boat came through. Apparently, it has a charge that will propel it from 6-18 hours depending on speed.

Paddle safe...


mk said...

Hey Silbs,

Great to see you out on the water working your magic this weekend!

The "war canoe" you point out is actually a dragon boat. These are some great friends of mine from the team Arashi of the Racine Dragon Boat Club. They'll be excited you posted the picture.

Dragon boating is a really great time. Very different from any other boat that I've paddled but it's on the water and really, what's better than that?

Arashi is actively seeking new paddlers and folks that want to try it out. They are a competitive team (read: they like to work hard and race well) but they know how to keep it real and enjoy a cold one at the end of the day. I would urge your readers to check it out! It's great fun, a great workout and great people. Because of my participation in the sport, I've met and paddled with teams all over the US and Canada and have made some great friends too! If anyone is interested, contact Janine at

Silbs said...

Thanks for the good input...and you are correct (I could not think of the name Dragon). I guess I was thinking about Hawaii :)
So, when are you going to paddle down here with us (bring those nice dry suits you talk about)?