Monday, December 13, 2010

First Impressions

Up to now, I have been shooting the Pentax Optio W30 out on the water. It is a good camera. Since I am aware of the eventual failure of most waterproof cameras, I decided to treat myself to another and bought a Canon D 10. Although I have just begun to use the D 10, I do have some early pro/con impressions:

Both Cameras: PRO: Both take excellent images and are truly waterproof.
                        Con: Because waterproof buttons need to be slightly recessed, both can be somewhat difficult to operate with gloves or mittens on.

The Optio: Pro: 1, This camera has a far thinner form making it easier to tuck into the top of my pfd.
                                    2. Can transfer images from camera directly into PhotoShop.
                  CON: 1, Although 7.1 mega pixels is far more than needed for images to be posted, it does limit the amount of cropping that can be done while still maintaining good image quality.
                             2, One of the controls I use the most frequently is the +/- to compensate the exposure. On the Optio, one has to go into programs to do this. This is awkward and time consuming, especially on the water.
D10: Pro: 1, 12.1 mega pixels allow for a lot of cropping.
                2. This camera has image stabilization which helps in obtaining crisper images when the water is up.
                3. The +/- control is right there and can be kept on the screen.
                4. So far, I have found the controls a tad easier to operate while wearing neoprene gloves
        Con: 1, The profile is a bit bulky which is only problematic when tucking it into my pfd
                 2. Must use the Canon Utilities program to download to computer.
Now I need to use the D10 a lot and see what I get.

Paddle safe...


Lee said...

I picked up my D 10 last month and love it. yup little bulky but unlike other cameras that have died Ithink the bulkyness wil be worth it.

Steve said...

Thanks for the review. Regarding moving photos to the computer, get a USB card reader! They are cheap ($15 or so on Amazon, for instance), fast, and best of all, they allow you to not bother installing the often lousy software that comes with the camera.

Alan said...

Dick, I'm curious as to why you didn't go with the slimmer, cheeper and 14Mpixel Optio W90?

Susan said...

Since my old Olympus waterproof is really showing its age (I'm getting sick of photoshopping the lens scratch out of pictures!), I'll probably have to invest in a new camera at some point in the next year. Looks like the Canon is a contender

RussJ said...

My Optio W10 recently died after 4 years of regular immersion. It had the same Pentax disease I have heard about from many other paddlers.

I am looking forward to hearing & seeing how you adapt to your Canon.

steve said...

been using the Canon since march, its still going strong . I`ve ruined a Sony, Pentax and Olympus all in a short time, hope this one is a bit more rugged. So far so good and it takes a beating in the front pocket of my pfd in rough water.I view these cameras as disposable over time.

gnarlydog said...

I have killed too many "waterproof" cameras to remember the number but the recent crop of Olympus ('09 onwards) has proven to be rather bad (killed 4!).
I like the Lumix TS-2 but corrosion seems to have crept in almost immediately (maybe being wet on a 2 week trip without rinsing didn't help).
Image quality however is way superior to Olympus. Movie mode is outstanding. The D-10 has a good rep with the locals but I didn't care much for the relatively narrow angle of view (35mm instead of 28mm equivalent).
I am sure there is a new crop coming out as usual in February.

Lee said...

I gotta chime in here and eat crow.
My camera had a massive failure last week causeing it to dive and not resurface.
The male part of the lanyard actually cracked in half and it broke off my caribiener and sunk into the murky depths of the Ottawa. my suggestion would be to superglue the male into the female and leave it there.
I am now sans le camera...and it sucks!

Silbs said...

Damn, Lee. You're scaring me. It seems like such a solid joint.

Lee said...

I thought it was too Sib's. Unfortunately the made connector split...dipping into the murkey Mattawa Rapids. I went swimming and couldnt find it. 395 bucks gone due to a design fault.

I just called canon and am waiting to see what they do for me, if anything.

2 weeks old....with my memory card.