Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Is it just me?
   This won't make sense unless you're a reader (as I am) of paddlingplanet.com. This page compiles blogs from all over the world and publishes them in their original languages. One can click on something interesting and go immediately to that blog's site. Now let me digress for a bit.
   When writing, I have been taught that there is the writer and the editor. The writer spills his guts after which the editor kills the writer's little darlings. One of the hardest skillsfor the writer to learn is when to stop writing. This also applies, in my humble opinion, to photo arrays. That is, one needs to select the best and fewest images that will enhance the post. Now, back to paddlingplanet.com.
   Unless I am wrong, many blogs posted in foreign languages contain an inordinate number of photos. A tree is seen in four views and every skillet used over the fire is on display. It is as if every picture taken on that day/trip are posted, irregardless of their quality or usefulness in explaining the post (which I cannot read as it is in a foreign language). If this is true, and I am correct, I wonder how one might  work toward solving that situation (if you are one who agrees it should be solved). Perhaps the best way is by example. For instance, what if someone blogged and did not post a single picture?

Paddle safe...


carin said...

Blogging without pictures would be quite boring. Especially if the post is in a "foreign" language ;-)
Says a Swede who can read english blogs, even though they are in a foreign language.
Oh, and try http://translate.google.com
Works for many people.

Silbs said...

Of course, Carin, you are correct on all accounts. One of the great weaknesses of our educational systgem is that few of us learn a second language :.(

Duncan and Joan said...

Nope, I don't think there's a problem here. I certainly understand your point, Silbs, but part of the "charm" of this medium is our freedom to post whatever we post - without editorial restraints. It ain't perfect, but the posting reflects who we are and how we choose to have others "see" us. When stats show that no one reads what we write, maybe then we try a new approach - with both fewer words and fewer "skillets" in the pics. :-) Just a thought.

Lee said...

I use the translate button, while never a perfect translation I can understand perfectly. Speaking 2 languages certainly helps.

Blogging is a personal thing. I personally use a TON of photo's sometimes. There are a few english blogs I dont care to read on there (as they remind me of some show like TMZ rather than paddling) however I just scroll past them and dont click on their pages.

Blogging is an expression of personality; and like personalities not all mesh together! =0)

Silbs said...

To all: I am impressed y the open and thoughtful comments you posted. I am impressed by the depth of thought and the ideas expressed. I do want you to know that I did not intend to suggest anyone should be forced to change anything about their blogs. As Duncan and Joan said, our blogs are a piece of who we really are. And Lee's comments are spot on. I couldn't agree with all of you more. Thanks.

gnarlydog said...

Silbs, blogs without pix would be indeed much more boring.
I have to confess that you are one of the very few blogs that I read even when pix are not posted. It’s the quality of the content.
I just drift away if one goes on ranting endlessly without giving me a visual stimulation. If I want a book, I’ll read one. Blogs ain’t books.
So, if a picture says a thousand words too many pictures make a... "verbal diarrhea"?
Just like with your few words you are able to say so much, with your selected pictures you don't bore the viewer.
Hands up who has not fallen asleep at a friend’s 2000 images slide show.
In my view less is more.
A few selected well presented images are way more impactful than a pictorial "police report" where very angle counts.
I publish about 1% of my work, that’s after I have selected out the dud ones.
Webmetrics stats results on the other hand are a combination of popularity of the subject, marketing and networking.
There is some real good work out there that I am sure has low readership compared to some “popular” sites

Silbs said...

Thanks, Gnarly. Well said, as usual. I'm beginning to realize that I am feeling a bit of the winter blahs, what with the dreary weather and a bad head cold. I hope to get onto the water tomorrow morning. We are all watching the weather forecast.

Lee said...

Silbs I was gonna say it but was afraid to offend though the medium that doesnt allow facial expression!!! WINTER my friend!!!

Get out there and post up a blog about your trip! and maybe take 4 pictures of the same tree...just to give yourself a laugh. =0)

Silbs said...

Thanks, Lee, and no offense taken. I don't think I put my idea in the blog out in a proper tone. Keep a watch out for some tree pictures :)