Friday, June 10, 2011

Freedom 500 Bilge pump

I bought this pump, it was not given to me to review...just saying. In any event, I have installed it in the boat and have some initial impressions which I enumerate:
1. Support: The company got back to me quickly when I sent questions by e mail
2. Claims
   A. They said they would ship a complete kit: They did. Every damn thing I needed was in there in more than sufficient quantities along with optional pieces.
   B. Their descriptions of parts (pump, batteries, etc). were spot on
3. Instructions: Well done and illustrated. Besides, there is a with videos showing the pump in action and other helpful info.
3. Kayak Snot: What an excellent adhesive (comes with kit)

The magnet can be seen on the bungie (look just to left of water spout origin)

4. Ease of installation: They say it takes an hour. A bit harder on some British boats like my Cetus MV. The motor is activated by sliding a magnet on a deck bungie over a switch under the deck. My boat is not flat in the middle and required the switich to be over to the side. In addition, boats like mine have reduced space behind the seat where the battery pack lives.

Time will tell, but so far it appears this pump is as advertised and worth a look for those considering an electric bilge pump.

Paddle safe...

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