Thursday, June 23, 2011

More lessons from the symposium:

Major Kudos to Gail of Living Adventures for putting it all together and herding all the cats (staff) throughout the busy days. Gail seemed to appear at every venue to lend support and to check up on folks like myself.

The leadership was superb, and I watched the IT's model good work. (I was fortunate enough to work with Mark on a trip as well as part of the instructor update). I like the ACA's new practical approach to teaching. When I took my instructor's training, there was a heavy emphasis on form (that paddle can be more vertical). Now, it is recognized that some folks cannot rotate or do other maneuvers as well as others. In most circumstances, it just isn't going to happen. Still, these same folks can exhibit skill and judgment enough to make them fine paddlers. With that in mind, the ACA now stresses that what we teach be Effective, Efficient and Safe. I have to say that that works for me and will result in more students leaving their intro lessons with a sense of real accomplishment.
The only other thing needed is a student in search of a teacher. The beginning of a wonderful experience.
Paddle Safe...

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