Sunday, October 16, 2011

Contact: Ninth Coast Guard District Public Affairs Office
Coast Guard searching for missing kayaker in Lake Michigan after 2 rescued by local responders

CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard and local first responders are searching the area near the New Buffalo, Mich., beach breakwall for a missing kayaker Saturday evening after two others were rescued from heavy waves.
Missing is Mitchell Fajman, 18, hometown unknown. The identities of the rescued men are not known at this time...

...On scene weather is currently 8-10-foot seas, with waves of 14-15 feet closer to shore.

These paddlers were in proper dress (including helmets) but aparently in conditions beyond their abilities. It seems I have been seeing more of these types of articles lately. Why?

Is it just that there are more of us going out in kayaks? Are we getting too over confident? Is it just my imagination?

Paddle safe...

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

When I worked neurosurg ICU, the number one age demographic for head and spinal injuries were the 18-20 males. They seem to have the biggest macho-invincible syndrome. I don't think that has changed much.