Thursday, October 20, 2011

Et Tu, Valley?

  Valley has a long (and good) reputations for building fine sea kayak, most with traditional lines and fish form (widest ahead of cockpit) shapes. Heck, they brought us the Nordkapp. As you probably know, I paddle a P&H Cetus MV which has a Swede form (widest behind the cockpit) hull.
  Today, while reviewing issue 27 of Ocean Paddler, I came across a review of Valley's new Etain 17-5 (there is also a 17-7); and, lo and behold, it is a mild Swede form. Interestingly, the reviewer comments on the fine initial stability and acceleration, two qualities I have noticed in the Cetus series.
  I have to wonder if we will be seeing more of this shaped boats coming out and how folks will respond to them. What next, a Swede form skin on frame?

Paddle safe...

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gnarlydog said...

"What next, a Swede form skin on frame? "
Yep, it's called Baidarka :-)

The Aleuts had figured out long long time ago that a Swede form boat is the best shape for speed.
Unfortunately I find that they are harder to paddle in following seas.
I have two Fish form and one Swede form kayak. I find that the Fish form ones track better in following seas and don't broach as much when surfing.