Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are about to lose our house...

Oh, our name will stay on the deed. Actually, it has happened before, and we face it again and with no fear. In fact, Lady Linda and I look forward to this new challenge in our lives. Still, one feels the energy building around here as we realize today is the day that our home of many years will slip from our control. It's no surprise. The signs have been present for several days now:
1. All sorts of miniature furniture has appeared in the family room
2. A car seat has been brought up from the basement.
3. There is a booster seat on one of the chairs at the table where we regularly eat.
4. A temporary bed rail has appeared on one of the beds.

It is inevitable...and only hours away. I must go and prepare. There is much to do: Charge camera batteries, etc. But have no fear. We have done this before and evolved better, stronger and happier for the challenge and the experience. After all, we survived her mother.

Paddle safe...


Buncher said...

Barely survived her mother. Consider washing that kid's face, will ya? Consider this a practice run. You'll have Joe for a week in April. Muhwaaaaaa.... Love you!

Silbs said...

Oh, Lord. You had to remind me. CALL IN THE RESERVES!

Buncher said...

Play the kid some jazz and blow your trumpet, set-up the tent in backyard, and put him in a kayak. The kid will have a ball!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Oh Grandpa, you are an old softy!