Sunday, June 17, 2012

The business of fatherhood...

When choosing a career way back when, I chose medicine because it fulfilled several things I wanted in my life. I wanted to help, I wanted to do work that mattered, I wanted integrity in my life, I wanted work of which I could be proud, I wanted challenges and so on. I got all that and more during a wonderful career in cardiology.

Somewhere along the line, while looking at my medical career and my dozens of other interests (judo, photography, SCUBA, HAM radio, etc), I ended up in the hospital with emergency back surgery. Suddenly...I had time to think and to listen to that inner voice. It told me that my real calling was to teach. Duh.

How could I not have realized that what I enjoyed most about everything I liked was teaching it? (It is no less true for kayaking. I would rather be teaching than doing a long paddle...but I digress).

Going halfway back, about 30 years, I figured that all those things I sought in medicine (I will wait while you go back a look) also applied to fatherhood...all of it. And, there was more. Unlike medicine, I never had to retire. I could get more and more benefits as I did less and less work and...I never had considered it...I would get a free (well, kind of free) franchise. I had people and my people would have little people of their own. I ask you, is this not the best deal in the universe?

I get to teach (when I can get little ears to listen), I get to model honesty and integrity...and so on. And, this is the best part, I get to see a part of me going forward after I am gone. I get to see my daughters (married to wonderful men) doing an incredible job mothering.

Medicine and fatherhood. Not to brag, but I am happy with my career choices. I hope you are half as happy with yours.

Paddle safe...

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