Thursday, August 30, 2012


I know, I know, I know...There is no perfect kayak. Right now, I own a Roman, A Cetus MV, a SOF and an Eastern Greenlander I built from a kit. My main paddling boat is the Cetus, but every once in a while I find  myself grabbing the Romany to teach or for a day paddle.

Sure, it is shorter and a bit more maneuverable; but the thing that really drags me back into her cockpit is the way the boat rolls. Almost like my SOF. Not so much with the Cetus MV. A great big water boat in every other way, I never feel quite as confident when rolling it. This past week I took the Cetus out and packed myself in with some pieces of minicel...and things seemed better. This, in turn, makes me wonder how I would feel in the Cetus LV. Perhaps someone in my area will have one and let me go for a spin.

So back to the perfection bit: There is no perfect boat; but don't spoil my fun by telling me to stop looking for one.

Paddle safe...

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