Thursday, August 27, 2009

some of the Gals
I do not know if there is a Greenlandic word for magicians but, if there is, it would describe Diane (l) and Nancey (r). Here they are making announcements, an act that went on at virtually every meal.

Let me step back and restate how much Sharon (no, no picture) had cleaned up some of my technique the first hour I was at the camp. She watched one roll, saw what was wrong with my hand placement and issued clear instructions. The rolls came easily after that.

Diane has been my teacher for a number of camps. Although she has a fetish for teaching the static brace, she is an observant and patient instructor. I am happy to report that she has sight in both eyes after I accidentally hit her with a paddle while laying back during a lesson. I felt awful about it, and she was most gracious as she waded toward shore in search of an ice pack.

Nancy is the organizer and, I suppose, master juggler. Registration, raffle tickets, silent auction and a little paddling were some of the things she did to make things run so efficiently. More over, she did all this with a calm elegance.Then, there was Helen. A Greenland champion, she was also an observant and capable instructor. Working with a wind that constantly carried away her voice and students, she took her group through a series of back-finishing rolls. She helped me take my technique a step up by correcting my position as I surface. I am anxious to get onto the water and work with this piece as I believe it will lead to greater things.

There were others, many others, and I wish I had pics of them all. Let me just say thanks to the gals who worked so hard to make this camp the great experience that it always is. Tomorrow, some guys.

Paddle safe...

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