Friday, August 28, 2009

Da Guys
The first guy I actually ran into was in Wisconsin at the car ferry. John Marshall paddles with the north east Wisconsin group and volunteers as a goodwill greeter when the ferry comes into port.Then, of course, there was Alex; or should I say the new Alex? Quieter and recently married, he arrived with a permission slip in hand.There were a few father-son participants and, of course.....Roy who regaled us with numerous one-man seminars and good humor. He did, however, fail to meet expectations by not arriving with a 14 part paddle that fits into a shirt pocket. Maybe next year.

Paddle safe...

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RoyM said...

HMMMM......14 piece kayak paddle that fits in a shirt pocket

Ridiculous...that would mean that a person would also have to have a pocket protector...those went out even before slide rules became extinct.

sometimes dissapointment can be good, and healthy :)

Best Wishes