Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When, Where and How
(warning: you are about to enter a stream of consciouness)

I got thinking while sitting as safety boater on the river last weekend. I don't paddle there much anymore. I wonder why. Yes, I have a sea kayak and think of myself as a sea kayaker; but I've always enjoyed a meandering sojourn into the nooks and crannies of the old river. It was always relaxing, and there was generally interesting wildlife to see. Still, I do 90+% of my outings on Lake Michigan with the occassinal runup to Lake Superior.

Thing is, the lake is often as placid as the river, offers little new in the way of sights (although, I suppose those aren't the exact same gulls every time) and generally has under 3 foot seas. Not a thrilling ride, but I get out there...generally, alone.

Coming from a background of running marathons, I have never taken to long distant paddles, especially at a fast pace. I suppose it is due, in part, to being in a Romany which starts out short (16 feet) and has a lot of rocker which further shortens its water line and speed. So, I sat with all this and discovered that I just liked being out there and knowing my skill level and controlling my boat as if it were an extension of myself.

I've been rolling less and less yet (timing is everything) I head for QAJAQ training camp in a few weeks. My SOF will go on the car and all my traditional stuff into the car as I head off to meet old friends, hang out on the water in an incredibly cramped boat, do some of the same old rolls I've always done, get 40% of my static braces (with Roy holding on just in case) and eat good food. There, too, it is the experience, ambience and the connection to the roots of our sport that entertain me. And, I just might come back with a new trick or two.

Paddle safe...


Alex said...

I can't wait until Training Camp! I'll be nice and relaxed from my honeymoon but I probably be pretty rusty as far as rolling goes. Thank goodness I don't have to be in shape or in practice to stand next to a boat and spot people!

Silbs said...

I suspect you will get some rolling in on your honey moon.

RoyM said...

WHAT do You mean....only 40%

I figured that by now...I would be able to jostle Your boat or start adding rocks to sit on Your chest while You Balance Braced...:)

see You there

Best Wishes