Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Out
The change of seasons is bringing some crisp air and wonderful water. I was able to get out last week in some 3-4 foot swells which came from several directions. I had the lake to myself as most boats, even larger ones, poked outside and immediately turned back in behind the wall. The Cetus was happy out there and required little attention.
Yesterday, I had a meeting north of Milwaukee. I took the boat and afterwards launched north of Harrington Beach State Park. This water is shallow near shore as there is quite a shelf. It should offer some nice waves when the wind is from off the lake and not offshore as it was yesterday. I do need to check the map as I believe this launch site is a lot closer to home than I thought. Besides, I don't have to go through city traffic to get there.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

We got to play in the 3-4 footers off Grand Marais, MN Saturday morning. East wind and curling waves around the breakwater were almost too much fun!

Silbs said...

Sure, torture me.