Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That Show Room Look
If you have ever taken  possession of a new kayak (or car) you know that show room look. The boat has a shining gel coat which is flawless. At that moment, in your heart, you promise yourself that you will wax, polish and do anything else necessary to keep her looking that way. Within a day or two, if you paddle, the scratches begin to show up.
First, they appear on the bottom of the hull from dragging the boat at launching. Soon there are scratches on the deck, especially where your spare paddle (split) has been manipulated. Other deck scratches inexplicably appear for reasons you can not understand. The bottom scratches you can tolerate. After all, only the fish will see them. The deck, on the other hand, stares at  you constantly and seems to ask, "What about your promise to take care of me?"

All of this is ten times worse if the deck and/or hull is colored, and the darker the color the more the scars show. Take heart, look in the mirror and understand that time takes its toll on everything and everybody. Besides, things could be worse. You could have a boat with a metal hull and, instead of scratches, rust. Just remember: boats, like people, do best if their bottoms are kept clean.

Paddle safe...


RoyM said...

with this post....I thought that you had bought another new

kayak ...and then got a scratch on it

Best Wishes

gnarlydog said...

Oh, that shiny hull
What joy to marvel at all that sparkling surface.
Just like those really rugged black 4WD polished to perfection parked in front of the club/coffee shop.
But that’s not what they were intended for.
Just like a serious off-roader is meant to get muddy, a sea kayak will get scratched up, if used for its intended purpose.
I smile at the compulsive obsessive folk at the boat ramp that baby their boats and polish them after every paddle .
I would hate to see them do a seal launch on a rocky shore…
But I don't think these guys care about a shiny hull:

Silbs said...

Hey, if I had a new boat there would be picks of it all over the place.
Gnarly, I totally agree. It's like the folks who park their new car at the far end of the lot where they are less likely to get the innevitable ding.