Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The High Calling of Teaching
(L-R )  JB, Sam Me
It is my personal tradition to hold in high esteem and to honor those who have been my teachers. I have, throughout my life, been blessed with men and women who have taught me invaluable lessons. Some have been students of mine who knew something I didn't know and needed to know. All have given to me a gift with their teaching. That gift was to make me more knowledgeable, more skilled and a better person.

When one of my legs suffered nerve damage and partial loss of function I was forced to give up one of the loves of my life...Judo. My search led me to Rutabaga in Madison where JB happen to be the instructor for that day's intro to sea kayaking. I loved the class, was hooked and learned that JB lived in Milwaukee, a short distance from where I grew up. I began joining him on Sunday morning paddles and am still learning from him.

This year, when JB and I were camping between symposiums, we drove over to Marquette, Michigan and had dinner with Sam Crowley. Sam was the man who, along with JB, conducted my IDW and ICE and eventually certified me as a level 4 instructor. He is a skilled teacher with in depth knowledge on many many topics. His humor is unique. Time spent with him is always time well spent.

These men are two of my teachers and, I am honored to say, my friends. I trust them and wanted to acknowledge their contribution to my life.

Paddle safe..

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