Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If it ain't broke...
fix it until it is.

So I lost my roll for a few days. Almost ripped out my right shoulder trying to force it. finally, showed it to friends and got it videoed and showed them that. Why, they wanted to know, was I getting into that position and lifting my head and...?

It was Sherri who recognized the DVD I had been watching and was trying to copy. Her advise, "Don't do that. Do what you always do." So I went out today and did what I always used to do. First, I did a few slow, gentle, smooth sweep rolls with my Greenland stick. I had the Werner Cypress on deck ready to go and did the same, smooth, gentle thing with that Euro blade. Results: effortless roll. Just like in the old days.

Maybe I will finally get some sleep tonight.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

We had a rolling class last Wednesday and I demoed a flawless Greenland layback. My buddy Newman then asked me to model a 'standard sweep' and to concentrate on a couple components. Splash! Embarassing but instructive. When rolling you just can't think too much. Let that ingrained muscle memory do its thing.

JohnB said...

so, did you get any last night? Sleep that is!

Silbs said...

The old muscle memory is back.
Slept some last night.