Friday, August 12, 2011

Once Upon a Time...
I had a roll, a pretty-much-bomb proof roll. And...I still have pretty good success teaching others to roll. But something starting to get into my head. It could be radiation or extraterrestials, but I think it is over-think. I started analyzing my roll. I was fine with a Greenland stick, but my euro paddle rolls went away. Perhaps it happened while I was asleep.

So I analyzed more and nearly tore my right rotator cuff apart. Finally, I got someone to video me and...will you look at that?...that guy is lifting his head...and dipping his shoulder...and pulling down on the paddle. It wasn't a disease, it was an epidemic. This required hospitalization.

So I am back to the GS, keeping my back on the water and looking at the sky for help as I relearn what I thought was bomb proof.

Paddlle safe...


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