Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another DVD has arrived:

Rolling With Sticks DVD and mannual have arrived, and I have had time to watch some of it. What follows are my initial impressions in no particular order:
1. It is a good quality DVD
2. It is a bit monotonous:
    over 2 dozen rolls are covered
    each is shown and voice overed with the same technique
    no one (as far as I've watched) makes eye contact with me. I gather the off camera voice belongs to the roller.
3. The underwater views are excellent. Not just under the water but way under the water looking up.
4. Most demos are in a pool which, at first, I found a little distracting but quickly ignored as I watched the roller.
5. As the DVD clearly states: This is not a means to learn your first roll. One needs to come to this presentation with a set of skill and understanding of hip snap, etc..
6. Little is addressed toward trouble shooting.
7. The student is advised to watch the tip of the paddle (stick). I am not sure this is good advise as it often leads to the shoulder on that side dipping and the paddler sinking. Looking at Father Sky might serve one better.

Over all, a worthwhile addition to the many others out there. It will be interesting to see how volume 2 evolves.

Paddle safe...

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