Monday, April 09, 2012

We have a winner here...

This is the Roll with Cheri Pery and Turner Wilson is spot on and one of the best pieces of such work I've seen. There is the usual good photography, etc.; but there is more to this DVD that makes it such a success.
1. It basically only covers 3 rolls and does so well without trying to teach too much.
2. The authors are excellent at their craft and (I can tell you from having met them) fine folks who love to teach.
3. Nothing is assumed. Each step and its reason is explained in a most logical sequence.
4. The trouble shooting section is an instructor's dream come true, especially with the use of split screens to show the error next to the proper way.
I cannot recommend it enough. See you (and hopefully them) at QAJAQ camp)

Paddle safe...

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Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I’ve watched their videos tons and practised some of their rolls in the pool. Man they MAKE it look easy in the vids. A real inspiration to watch and a real enjoyment knowing that to get even close to what they do takes a good many missed ones yourself. Part of the fun of it for me. Humility is just keeping it real. : )

I am definitely going to purchase this.