Monday, November 16, 2009

Cetus Joins The Fleet
While waiting for my new skeg control, I decided to go out in the Cetus with the skeg up. Seeing the boat on shore, I realized that her weather cocking tendencies are due, in part, to the amount of rocker seen above (the pavement on the left is a bit lower and emphasizes the look of the amount of rocker). The boat did seem easier to control as I've gotten more used to how much sweep and edging is required as compared to my Romany (which wouldn't have required any in these conditions). I am wondering if adding ballast would make her track better.In any event, after our usual military-like line up near the shore......we had ourselves a nice paddle, catching some nice rollers when we cleared the south end of the breakwater. All returned to shore safely......including those in the witness protection program.

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

I notice "carrots" to be popular in your paddling area.
3 orange kayaks in one picture alone?
Safety first... :-)

Silbs said...

Never noticed. They must go well with the drapes in the living room :)