Monday, November 30, 2009

Pro v. Schmo
Yesterday, I took the Cetus to the pool session. As it turned out, Sherri Mertz and I were the only sea kayakers (although she was in a white water boat...which I tried out later). I was there to roll and scull and brace and to see how the new boat behaved when tipped over.
It rolled well enough, albeit finishing a tad slower than the Romany. Sculling was no problem. I could not re enter and roll as I kept falling out of the cockpit. Sherri pointed out how I fit differently into the boat than into the Romany and how I would have to adjust things. I did blow some rolls, and it reminded me of my very first rolling lesson. The teacher told me I was lifting my head, and I said I was not. He then showed me a video of me rolling, and I was lifting my head (the schmo).
Ever the eagle eye, Sherri caught me doing the same yesterday. The difference was that I knew I had lifted my head (the pro), even as I realized the flash was going off and the ignoble moment was being frozen in time.
It was a worthwhile session. I was disappointed to find lots of water in the rear hatch as I felt I had sealed it properly. Maybe I didn't. I also noticed that the relief valve between the forward hatch and the cockpit is not doing its job, and I must burp the sucker every now and then.

Next time, I am taking a skin on frame to the pool.

Paddle safe...

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