Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Long Days
I know, the days are actually getting longer; but they seem that way aside from their actual length. Perhaps it has to do with my age. Or, maybe, it has to do with my temperament which needs to constantly entertain both my left and right brain.

Today is a Wednesday, so my teaching day started at 8 am (waking at 5:30) and ends around 9 pm. This week only, yesterday I ended up teaching double classes for another instructor. Top this with the fact that Lady Linda is away for a few days leaving me with house, garbage and large dog. I look at the phone hoping the governor will call.

I am already looking forward to Sunday when I will be up in Madison helping with pool instruction (kayak rolling class). We constantly talk of moving to warmer places, but our magnificent cohort of family, extended family and friends are all here.

Common sun, make the days really longer...and a hell of a lot warmer.

Paddle safe...

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