Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Silbs in Wonderland
You've seen pictures of the pond behind Rutabaga in Madison. Usually, there is the dock where folks who want to demo a boat get hang out.
And there is the usual teaching activities around paddle sport. When I went up there on Sunday (see last blog), I wasn't surprised to see snow on the pumpkins (read hulls).
What I didn't expect to see was the teepee that is usually set up for the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. It is usually part of the kids' program and seemed like an apparition in the early morning dreary light. No one was around to explain why it was there.
The pond did have some activity, even though it was 7:30 am., but those guys weren't paddling.
I didn't see my shadow. No matter.
We're under a snow storm warning here in Milwaukee, and it doesn't expire for 24 hours. Oh, well.

Paddle safe...

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