Monday, October 25, 2010

Can't We All
Just Get Along?
 We gathered Sunday morning looking forward to a nice paddle with fellow sea kayakers. Then They showed up with their skinny sit on tops that could be paddled in excess of 6 knots. What the hell were they doing there when the water was getting so cold? Heck, this was sea kayak weather. To add insult to injury, these guys weren't even wearing skirts. My word!
 What had the world come to? There was a wooden boat, a bunch of composite real sea kayaks and a couple-three of those crotch rockets. Was there going to be a rumble on the water? You could cut the tension with paper scissors.
Of course we did just fine and had a grand old time exchanging greetings and stories and mentioning mutual friends. After all, we're paddlers. We have something too important to do than to get involved with differences.
Is the world listening out there?

Paddle safe...


suzette said...

i like this post. it made perfect sense. :)

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

For those that were not listening. they need a good paddling; i know just the group to do it!!

Silbs said...

It did, Suzette? I must be losing my edge :)