Monday, October 18, 2010

Paddling in the City
Water Blog Day

We may be in the center of the continent, but we have big water here. Lake Michigan can be kind and it can be mean. Yesterday, it was just playful as our Sunday morning group paddled toward the north side.
As the wind came down the lake from the north, some nice swells built up where the bottom shallowed up. To get the most fun with what we had, we paddled near the breakwater where reflected waves were also present. Ken was able to get a quick video (I am in the orange Cetus).

 We have a few nice beaches here, some of which have to close when the E. Coli count is too high. What the hell are we doing to our lakes?
 What other media can offer such simple pure pleasure?

We took time to get out at McKinley Beach where we were able to take some breaking waves on the beam. I had a few good "boogie board" rides while in a low brace.

Paddle safe...

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