Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hey, That's Me!
Those of you who do a lot of photography, especially in your kayaks, can relate to this: There are two really hard images to capture. First is a picture that really shows how large and threatening the waves can be. I know. When we start out all waves look big; but, after being out in really biggies, the pictures I take are disappointing.

   The second thing is to have a good picture of 0ne's self. Looking at our family album, you might wonder if there is a father in the family (although that has gotten better since Lady Linda and others have obtained their own cameras). It's the same with paddling. After 1000 little clicks there are precious few pictures of me...or you. After a while I began to wonder how the hell I look out there. So, when someone does snap a shot of me AND takes the time to send it along, I am grateful. Not that I look all that gorgeous or competent. So, thanks, Leslie, for the shot on top and to JB for the one out on the water.
   Now, who is going to take your picture?

Paddle safe...


steve said...

I know how you feel, especially when you talk about the really big waves. We have quite a few photographers but very few of them get in the rough water, so most of my pics are of the others. Silbs, when are you coming ?

Miamaria said...

That's so true! Both! Like on this picture where it seems all calm at sea, until you see the floating head there... Not really big waves, but much bigger than the picture makes impression of. :(

- It's a good idea to exchange pictures of each others after a trip. But to remember and actually do it... Difficult. ;)

Silbs said...

Thanks for the comments. Mimaria's picture really makes the point. The idea of trading pics is a good one. Some of us here do it, but not often.