Monday, October 04, 2010

A Really Good Day With The Hoofers
There is an outdoor club, The Hoofers, which is attached to the University of Wisconsin. They offer sailing, skiing, outings and all sorts of outdoor doings. We know some of the kayak folks as they also teach at Rutabaga. In any event, they (much to their credit) wanted a training to improve their skills and leadership abilities. Who to call? Well, my man, JB, of course.
JB was at his best as he filled the day with a mixture of land lectures and water exercises. Mercifully, he didn't give us his entire 12 hour lecture on navigation...but I digress. It was all the more challenging as a 25 knot wind with 30 knot gusts had been blowing for some time. Waves were breaking offshore and, when they hit the break wall, they shot up sprays of about 20 feet.
Amy (from Madison) and I assisted and did mini workshops on strokes. To do so, we had to find a little spot in the lee of a wall.
I, personally, found all these folks to be more than just fine paddlers. They were fine people, and I could see any of them leading a trip. I would, more over, feel safe paddling with any or all of them. Now, that's a great day on the water.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

that should read 30 knot gusts, and thanks for the assist Silbs. Much appreciated your help. A great day indeed!!!

Silbs said...

Thanks, correction made.