Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Anyone Tried This?

3M™ Hard Surface Protective Tape, PT3112C Clear, 24 in x 200 ft
This is the 3-M product:
The Dupont Imron is painted on.

There is a clear, protective tape (Dupont Imron MS-1) for use on cars. Apparently, you soap up the surface (after proper cleaning and prep) and lay on a sheet of this stuff. You slide it around and smooth it out until it is where you want it, then let it dry. It is supposed to protect the surface against minor trauma.

With the increased numbers of boats with darkly colored gelcoats that scratch easily, I wonder if this is not worth applying when the kayak is new. Anyone know?

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

worth a try. Sources???

Silbs said...

JB: See corrected post.

DaveO said...

Scratches build character!

David H. Johnston said...

I love it. It's expensive but you can find end rolls on ebay for a more reasonable cost. I applied it under my bungies and up towards the front where spare paddle scratches.

It's super strong and invisible if you apply it properly and take the time to work the air bubbles out.

I met somebody online who was using it for their rental fleet for bow and stern plates. He said they would last almost the whole season.

Search the google for 3M Protective Paint Film and you will find lots of places that sell it to the automotive industry but ebay is your best bet when you are just looking for 3 feet or so.

David Johnston

Silbs said...

David, thanks for the amazing info. Just what I wanted to hear.

DaveO: If ou are correct, a lot of rear ends have character :)

gnarlydog said...

I use the stuff on my kayaks on high abrasion areas (like where the magnetic switch of the electric bilge pump slides over the deck).
Compared to other types of film (Mylar) the 3M tape kind of heals itself when abraded and remains a bit elastic. If keeping your kayak in good shape is a priority of yours, the product is worth its money.

Silbs said...

Thanks, Gnarly. That is just the kind of feed back I need.