Friday, November 05, 2010

It's Just
A Matter Of Time
There was a time when all cars were black. There were no other colors. There was a time when kayaks were basic white, or shades there of.
 Then the gel coats began to be colored, and we saw all sorts of solid colored boats. Then, all hell broke lose and one could have any color combo they wished. 
 Some British boats became available with bangles and glitter in the gel coats. Now, the sky is the limit.
 Some paddlers, ordering their first boat, began spending more time trying to decide on their color combo than on which kayak they wanted.
So, it's a matter of time until someone starts a boutique kayak consultant business to help out those struggling with this gut-level decision. There will be soft ware that will allow the consultant to show any kayak with any and all possible color combos so the client can make an intelligent and stylish decision. Then what? Color coordinated paddles and pfd's to go with the boat? Complexion analysis to see which colors are compatible with your karma?

Color is nice and, I guess, important. But, like all fads, I think, this one will fade out as well.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

how about something in a nice plaid, perhaps Black Watch, or Tartan?

Anonymous said...

So you think all kayaks will go back to being white akin to a white light at the end of the tunnel? ;-)

Silbs said... we go nuts with plaid or retro with white. What we need is a new magazine: Fashion Week Kayak.

Ken said...

All-white kayaks rock!

Susan said...

I'm getting the most marvelous image of a SOF kayak done up in a nice bright tartan - say a dress Stuart or something - with hat to match. Thanks for that, guys!

Silbs said...

That is why we wear sunglasses out there!!

SherriKayaks said...

You might not believe it, but kayak colors have actually become more limited in recent years than they were 10-15 years ago.

Silbs said...