Monday, November 29, 2010

Think Twice before picking up this book:
I first met Aaron Stander at a QAJAQ camp in Michigan (where he lives). A retired English professor and traditional paddler, he is a gentle friendly man with a sense of humor. He is also a magnificent author...which brings us to the point of the blog.

I just finished Shelf Ice, the most recent in a series of fiction involving a certain sheriff. As in his other books, Aaron quickly draws the reader into the story making it difficult to put the book down. So, be careful when you start one of his fine issues, you may be busy for longer than you had planned.

Paddle safe...

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DaveO said...

All four novels were at deer camp this weekend. Shelf ice is the best yet,although I get the impression that getting shot at in that particular stretch of Lake Michigan coast is becoming a real problem.