Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Fine Paddle

Last Saturday, we had a NE wind on Lake Michigan followed by an easterly wind during the night. When eight of us, including two visitors from Madison, went out Sunday morning, we got to enjoy the residual energy the wind had visited onto the water.
 Clearing the break wall, we were treated to nice swells coming onshore. We were paddling SSE at the time. Just off shore were some breaking waves.
 It was fun sitting with my paddle on my lap while I tried to catch a few images. All the time I was waiting for a rogue wave to dump me. As it turned out, 3 of our group did swim, and Greg got to do 3 assisted rescues in good training conditions.
This is the stuff we wait and hope for. This is the stuff for which sea kayaks are made.

Paddle safe...


Alan said...

Hmm... you get 7 posts on combings and bumkis on these wonderful pictures. You managed to capture the feeling of these giant rolling waves, which is hard to do.

Silbs said...

I think the work is bupkis...and the pics speak for themselves :)Thanks.