Monday, February 14, 2011

At Last
(all comes to he who waits, including senility)
 It took a little hiking and dragging...
 ...and some careful climbing, lowering and launching...but
 Sherri, Russ and I got onto Lake Michigan first time this year.
 Temperatures were up into the 40's F and the 10 mph wind was gusting to 25-30 before we were done.
It was shear play and fun, and my body appreciated the workout. Temps are supposed to be moderate all week so, hopefully, the ice shelf up here in Milwaukee will break off and allow for multiple paddles each week.
Paddle safe...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Way to go Silbs. That looked like a nice paddle.

aviram said...

looks great
soooo nice
sooooooooooo cold! I can't emagen

Silbs said...

It was sweet.

Hadas said...

wow., wow, wow, i would love to change scerery with you for ONE DAY.
that way you will get some sun shine and we will get some ice.

Silbs said...

It is pretty, Hadas, but it gets old after a while. Takes a lot of prep to dress for the cold, but it is worth it to get on the water. If I am going to travel that far, I want more than one day of warm weather. :-)

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Fab photos, as usual. Can you say "hypothermia"? I guess when you are a pro at what you do, you don't worry about tipping over in that freezing water.

Silbs said...

Thanks. I don't think any of us think of ourselves as experts. I do know that we dress for emmersion and can generally do a t rescue in under 6 and often 2 minutes. Thing is, I rarely see a paddler who can brace and roll suffer an upset.