Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting up to speed...slowly
At last, some of the ice has cleared off, and we have been able to get back onto the lake. I am paddling the Cetus while awaiting delivery of the Cetus MV...and I am using a smaller blade. Interestingly, I am moving the boat as well and, perhaps, even better than I had with the tennis racket.  
And, no, I haven't really increased my cadence. Why this is, I cannot say. I haven't been paddling that much and don't think my technique has taken a quantum leap up. In any event, I am just happy to be alive, healthy and back on the water. Sherri also seems to be happy out there.

Paddle safe...


SherriKayaks said...

Any day on the water makes me happy. :)

Silbs said...