Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the wings.

I haven't posted in a while and haven't paddled in a longer while. I feel as if I am not meeting my obligation to get something up here for the few folks who check out the blog from time to time. I realize now that it is the obligation to myself that isn't being met.

My drivel and writings serve me more than others, of that I am sure. It is a release and a way to muse out loud. Usually, I write and post pics about recent paddling experiences. With those experiences on hold, I thought I had nothing to post. In a way, I didn't; but that was because I was letting my circumstances get to me. I wasn't paddling, I was spending way too much time in doors (much of it at the computer working on school stuff) and it was all getting me down. What to do?

Simple: write about it. It may not be fascinating for others to read, but it helps me cope with my presently dull existence. So, there, I have written about it and, although nothing has actually changed, I feel better. Now, I will walk across campus in the near dark and chill factor of -8F.

Paddle safe..


Alan said...

If you're "drivel" wasn't important to your readers, we just wouldn't read it; but we do and it is. If your posts were just about kayaking, I for one wouldn't miss it. Kayaking is a vehicle (water craft)for you musings about life, manhood, teaching, family,photography as a way of seeing the world, medicine, aging and friendship. So, even when there's no liquid water, you have things to say that I want to hear.

Silbs said...

Thank you, Alan. That is very affirming and very much appreciated...and be careful what you wish (ask) for :) You made my day.