Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aaron Stander...
Does it again
I have mentioned him and his work before, but for those who might not know: Aaron is a fellow paddler (I met him at QAJAQ TC), a retired professor (English) and a hell of a writer. Like many successful authors, he uses what he knows and places his series in a Michigan setting. His main and enduring protagonist is an interesting guy of many talents and, I suspect, may be Aaron's alter ego. Imagine my delight when he presented me with his latest work (at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium).

Sheriff Elkins, among his many endearing qualities, loves the out doors and paddles kayaks. He is a keen observer of people, a vegetarian and does his own cooking when at home.

Add to that a series of crimes that need solving, a cast of engaging characters, a little healthy sexual tension and a writing style that kept this paddler up until 2 am the other day and you have the formula for a successful novel. 5 actually.
Medieval Murders is a bit different in that in takes place in a time proceeding the other books (Aaron calls it a prequel, a word I haven't had time to look up and take at face value). It reads as smoothly as the others, and they are all page turners. Congratulations to a nice man on producing another fine work.

Paddle safe...

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