Sunday, July 24, 2011

Several Blogs Ago...
I promised pics of the application of the ScotchGuard film to the Cetus MV.
 unrolled...before removing the backing
 have to keep boat, hands and both sides of film wet until in place
 Leslie, the ultimate crafts person, handles details.
Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering to post. Where does one purchase a large roll of ScotchGuard? I take it you had to apply it in sections? Any special preparations that need to be made to the deck surface before applying other than it should be clean?

gnarlydog said...

You are kidding me?
You have covered the whole deck of the kayak with adhesive film?
In one single uninterrupted sheet?
What a job.
How on earth did you get rid of all the creases and bubbles?
Surely not just with water and a bit of detergent.
But the more important question: why?