Monday, November 21, 2011

Angle, Shmangle...
I love asking others how they define high angle paddling because of the variety of answers I get. Some point out that the blade is shaped differently and the shaft generally a bit shorter than a paddle for low angle work. Each shape, of course, allows the blade to meet the water at a different angle. Then comes the discussion of what is high angle.
One fellow tells me it means your top hand is above your head. Other say the hand must be over the forehead, above the eyebrows, at eye level, above the chine, etc., etc.. I wonder if none of the above are correct. For instance, what if someone uses a relatively short high angle paddle (205), paddles with a vertical blade and their top hand is about chin high? They are using the blade efficiently while keeping from lifting the top arm high and exposing it to injury. Is that not high angle paddling?

The blade passes close to and parallel to the hull and, except for any criteria of top hand height, is in every way high angle paddling. Or am I missing something here? Should the angle of paddling be defined by the angle of paddling?

Paddle safe...

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