Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maybe I'm too Old School...
I read many blogs, most on kayaking. When I have time I peruse paddlingplanet.comand visit some of the sites I see. I have noticed more and more how complicated (to this old head) it has become to comment on some of them (the comments are virtually always +).

I am asked for credentials, identities and verifications and often denied posting my comment because I cannot be verified. The sites take my comments and some take them if I ID myself by my blogspot address. More and more, however, it has become too hard to post, so I don't. Sometimes I can link the posting to my FaceBook page and do so.

I guess I am computer-challenged and haven't kept up with the new ways. Oh well, I have to go fix my typewriter now.

Paddle safe...


Canoe Sailor said...

Thanks for mentioning that. A couple weeks ago I changed my Paddlingand to make comments as easy as I know how, but still I have not had any comments in ages.

You have a great blog here!

Silbs said...

Spot on...I just posted to your site.

gnarlydog said...

Silbs, I am, or shall I say was, puzzled the same way as you are.
I could not comment on some BlogSpot blogs.
Dan, I was logged in and all but my comment kept on being rejected.
Then I discovered that some blogs (mine included) use a template that for some reason DOES NOT recognize a Google user that logs into his/her account by ticking the box "stayed signed in".
To comment on my own blog I have to sign out of my Gmail account, sign in again WITHOUT ticking the "stayed signed in" box and then all is good.
Don't ask me why that works but that's what I have to do.
I hope this helped. I appreciate your comments on my blog :-)