Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A day "off"...
 Off the lake, that is. Last Saturday was glorious with bright sunshine, little wind and no waves on the lake. So, why not do a little relaxing paddle on the Milwaukee River and enjoy the fall colors?
I launched from a site north of Milwaukee and enjoyed, for a while, a relaxed paddle. I saw a father-daughter duo chatting while enjoying their time on the water, and the colors were great. I meandered from side to side of the river looking at detail, occasionally snapping a picture I knew I would later erase, and generally enjoying the day.
When I turned to head back, the large Ikelos came out and I did a nice aerobic work out. Next morning, I knew I had had some fun and worked my torso well the previous day. It was Sunday, blowing quite a bit. I headed for the big lake.

Paddle safe...

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