Monday, December 26, 2011

End of this line...

Been without a computer for a while and not yet used to this one (hence the lack of postings). The year is rapidly running out on a warm December that allowed me to paddle 3-4 times a week (including today). Tomorrow I head for the east coast to visit my grandson and his people. Home new years day.

It's been a heavy year for me, and I cannot say why. I felt angst, seemed overwhelmed many times; yet I was doing what I've always done. Perhaps this was the year I realized college "students" see themselves as customers shopping for grades rather than consumers of knowledge. I need to address that up front when the new term begins.

I didn't lose the weight as intended, something new for me. I fear it will damage my health soon if I do not shed the pounds, at least 15.

The good things this year included my wonderful family. My daughters are great moms, and Lady Linda is more beautiful each year. I think, too, that my paddling improved, and I intend to take a step up (more on that eventually). For now, I feel blessed and am grateful for all I have...including the many years of life.

My wish for all of you is peace, happiness and a feeling of contributing to the greater good. Maybe we can still pull this planet together.

Paddle safe...

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Tony said...

I'm reminded of the saying "look out for the pennies and the dollars will look out for themselves". Similarly, if each of us do our duty to the Earth, however small, it will add up.

Tony :-)