Friday, December 09, 2011

Pool rules...
As my annul service to the kayaking community, I once again present the rules you need to know if you will be using an indoor pool to practice with your boat.
1. Radios: Channel 16 monitory, while still a good idea, is no longer mandatory.
2. Be sure to file a float plan before launching.
3. Clean your boat so no invasive species get hold in the pool.
4. While seal launches may be allowed, catching a beam wave and boogie-boarding ashore is not.
5. Always check a weather forecast an hour or so before launching.
6. Need I say it? Carry a spare paddle in case yours is blown away.
7. Maintain group integrity: assign, at the very least, a lead paddler and a sweep paddler.
8. Keep your flare gun on your pfd in case you get separated from your boat.
9. Daylight hours are short, have a light available to put on deck so you can be seen (remember that your strobe is for emergencies only).
10. Carry fresh water: DO NOT DRINK FROM THE POOL (especially if there are children swimming near by).

Paddle safe...


Bill Burton said...

Hyuk! All joking aside, a helmet can be a good idea.

DaveO said...

Although it doesn't effect an anti-chlorite like me, one of the clubs I belong to instituted pool rules such as no standing in your boat and a lifejacket requirement. I never wear a lifejacket in the pool and practicing balance is kinda fun. Just two more reasons to stay on the ski trails. I like the helmet idea however.

Silbs said...

Helmets...yes. I am surprised how many don't wear them around those hard edges. I also want to try some balance stuff this winter, especially after watching Gordon Brown's last DVD.