Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where the Heck is Yorkville?
When Geneva Kayak (in Illinois) was looking for a new location an unusual opportunity presented itself. A small town had property on the Fox River and would allow GK to build and work out of the area. The location had a good deal to recommend it, especially the fact that the river there is wide and moving well. There's more:

 There is a damn there that apparently had proven hazardous to some hapless souls. In an act of creativity, rocks were moved around and a short channel of rapids was produced. Now, there was a  place to launch, play and even change clothes.
To be sure, the location is one you unlikely to stumble upon as it is at the end of a road and bracketed by the river and a railroad yard. (I happen to be there because I rode along with JB who was taking in his Explorer for a keel strip).
While I was waiting, a chap named Ray got on the water and played along the rapids. He got caught on a rock and chose to turn over and roll up on the other side. All in all, well done. But, I digress. Yourkville is somewhere in Illinois, and there is a shop there called Geneva Kayak and a river in which to paddle. Oh yes, there is an elegant changing area for your convenience.

Paddle safe...


SherriKayaks said...

How do we get one of those installed at South Shore?

Silbs said...

We need a current first...or do you mean the changing room?